Apoptosis MAP

Intrinsic apoptosisbcl-2 pathway

The Apoptosis MAP, a multiplex immunoassay service, provides quantitative measurements of 14 important intra-cellular regulators and mediators of the intrinsic apoptosis pathway, including the Bcl family of anti-apoptotic heterodimers. Apoptosis MAP consist of 3 multiplex panels that have been developed and validated on the Luminex platform (email us for copies of the validation document). Examining the levels and changes in the bcl-2 pathway of proteins supports evaluation of drugs designed to regulate apoptosis in the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Sample Preparation Services
Our buffers are designed to optimize assay performance and preserve the homo- and hetero-dimeric complexes that are important regulators of apoptotic pathways. Our expert scientists will fractionate your tissue, tumor, xenograft and cell pellet samples for analysis on the Apoptosis MAP or, you can or prepare samples to send us using our buffers and protocols [Apoptosis Total Homogenate Buffer (B106) or Apoptosis  Cytosolic and Membrane Fraction Buffer Kit (B108)]

Product Price
Apoptosis Total Homogenate Buffer (B106) $150
Apoptosis Cytosolic and Membrane Fraction Buffer Kit (B108) $200
Preparation of total homogenates (per sample) $50
Preparation of cytosolic and membrane fractions (per sample) $75
Homogenates (n=1) Fractions (n=2)
Analysis with Apoptosis Multiplex 1 (BAX, BAK, SMAC, Lamin B) $75 $100
Analysis with Apoptosis 2 (BIM, Mcl-1, Bcl-xl, BAD, BAX/Bcl-2 heterodimer) $75 $100
Analysis with Apoptosis 3 (Survivin, Active Caspase-3, MclL-1/BAK & Bcl-xl/BAK heterodimers) $75 $100
Analysis with all Apoptosis Panel (14 analytes) $175 $225
Samples can be processed with our buffer kits and sent on dry ice or processed at Ampersand Biosciences
Minimum 24 samples
Discounts available for larger sample numbers