Apoptosis MAP

Product Price
Apoptosis Total Homogenate Buffer (B106) $150
Apoptosis Cytosolic and Membrane Fraction Buffer Kit (B108) $200
Preparation of total homogenates (per sample) $50
Preparation of cytosolic and membrane fractions (per sample) $75
Homogenates (n=1) Fractions (n=2)
Analysis with Apoptosis Multiplex 1 (BAX, BAK, SMAC, Lamin B) $75 $100
Analysis with Apoptosis 2 (BIM, Mcl-1, Bcl-xl, BAD, BAX/Bcl-2 heterodimer) $75 $100
Analysis with Apoptosis 3 (Survivin, Active Caspase-3, MclL-1/BAK & Bcl-xl/BAK heterodimers) $75 $100
Analysis with all Apoptosis Panel (14 analytes) $175 $225
Samples can be processed with our buffer kits and sent on dry ice or processed at Ampersand Biosciences
Minimum 24 samples
Discounts available for larger sample numbers